<The Silent Circle> was formed on 10-23-2010. Since then we have grown in player base as well as skill. We have come along way since our humble beginings and still look to improve. Originally founded by Omerac, just a few months in, he was called off to serve our great country and he passed the guild off to Jivecoolie(me). I have ran TSC since January of 2011, with the help of Flamespitta and Licketysplit. Many others have also been a huge part of making us what we are today. Infact so many there isnt room to list them all. What im getting at is that it takes many people to make a guild succeed. This isnt the work of any one person. Many of these people are still here and actively play, others have quit wow.  Our goal here is to understand that people may come and go, but our hard work needs to live on after us. The management makes the choices that steer the guild, but thats as far as it goes. This guild belongs to its members, no one person "owns" it.

 All good people are welcome here, from hardcore raiders to extreme casuals. Our main focus is raiding but we enjoy most aspects of the game too. From alt leveling, to PVP, to raid and challange mode dungeons, pet and mount collecting, and achv chasing. Among our ranks we have many colors, backgrounds, and religions, this is something we are proud of.

                    TO BE CONTINUED




Guild rules

1 no racial comments

2. no drama

3. no selling anything in guild chat

4. never disrespect a guild member

5. dont make the guild look bad with your actions