Progression Raid Team Info

 General info - Group invites start 5 minutes before the raid time, all raiders are expected to be on and ready for the inv at this time. This includes having pots and flasks in you bags, to be fully repaired, have your bonus roll coins for the week, and having any needed offspec gear in you bags also.

 Loot System - Loot  for this group is council. Loot is handed out based on a few factors but the end result is distributing loot in the best way to further the prorgression. Things like attendance, how well you play your class, how much loot a person has got lately, and what the upcoming fights will neeed from the team all play a part in the loot system. We do not prioritize guild rank what so ever, only the best interest of the team

 Attendance - All raiders should strive for 100%, but we know IRL happens and thats ok. Somethings cannot be done on off days/times. When you know you wont make a day/week all you need to do it IGM the raid lead with the days you will miss, please give as much notice as possible.

 Gems and Enchants - These are covered by the guild bank. All you need to do if ask an officer for what you need - at the start of an xpac mats are hard to come by so if we dont have a full stock yet be prepared to cover these yourself, guild will cover these if we have them but it takes a couple weeks to build up supplies.

 Consumables - We will drop cauldrons and feasts but you should still have flask and personal food on you incase it is needed. You will need to cover your own potions

 Pre raid - Research all fights before the tier starts. For mythic progression you will need to refresh that info each week for the boss we are progressing on and at least the next two after it.

 Atmosphere - You will find a fun and relaxed group for the most part. the exeption to this is on progression fights, then its a focused and serious group. We try to have as much fun as we can together but not at the expense of slowing down progress. All team members are helpful and friendly, anyone will help anyone if they have something to offer. Help with gearing, play style, or anything else is expected out of everyone. We are a team, and in this together. The more we all help one another the tighter the team will become.

 AFK'ing - Dont do it, plain and simple. We have a 5 minute bio as close to the mid point of the raid as we can. This is the time to do what you need to.

 Raid Leader - My job as a raid lead is to make the choices that affect out teams direction. I welcome all input from the team, i do not have every answer in the world and give respect to all other opinons. I'm firm with my leadership but rarely will you hear me raise my voice. My outlook is that if i have to yell at anyone they are just wrong for our team and i choose to replace rather than argue.

 Required addons - Bigwigs/DBM, Bestinslot, Exorsus Raid Tools, Weak Aura 2, RCLootcouncil, Pawn, Simulationcraft, Angry Assignments, Fight specific addons as needed.  Weakaura is needed for ever debuff in a tier. they are also needed for all procs, personal CD's both offensive and defensive, and raid wide CD"s both offensive and defensive.

 Helpful addons - ElvUi, GTFO, Tidy plates, Bartender 4, Vuhdo, Shadowed unit frames, Quartz, as well as any class specific addons that help you perform better.

 General expectations of all raiders - this is a list of basic things every person on the team needs to follow. know the fights before the pull, be on time and ready, know your class and primary spec 100% and have an understanding of every other spec that class offers (as specs fall in and out favor you may be asked to rotate), give the raid your full focus from start to finish, dont waste raid time, pre pot and mid fight pot on every fight including farm bosses, stay relaxed at all times, know your BiS list, get and use your bonus rolls every week, dig your own logs for every raid to improve your play and catch your mistakes.